JWM Productions was founded in 1996 by multiple Emmy Award-winning filmmakers Jason Williams and Bill Morgan to create high-quality, immersive and entertaining programming. Today, JWM ranks among the world's leading independent producers.

Upcoming Besa The Promise Screenings

Dallas Jewish Film Festival

Sunday, September 8th at 2pm


Youngstown Jewish Film Festival

Sunday, October 6th at 1:30pm

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Jewish Eye Film Festival

October 6th - 10th

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UK Jewish Film Festival

October 31st - November 17

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Holocaust Center Kristallnacht Memorial

Sunday, November 3rd at 12:30pm

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"Cell Block Psychic" Premieres April 21st on Investigation Discovery!

On Monday, April 21st at 9 PM EST, Investigation Discovery will launch JWM's three part series, "Cell Block Psychic." Psychic medium Vicki Monroe uses her ability to communicate with the dead to bring closure to grieving families who have lost loved ones to deadly crimes. But some questions can only be answered by going behind prison walls and speaking with the spirit around stone cold killers.

She'll make sure the dead don't hold back.

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"The Path to Violence" A Special on Newtown, airs February 20th on PBS

JWM is proud to contribute this one-hour film to PBS's weeklong series devoted to addressing the Newtown school shootings. "The Path to Violence," narrated by Sam Waterston, reveals the surprising story of a school that thwarted a killing spree and explores the ground-breaking work of a small group of experts who believe the terrifying attacks on our schools can be stopped. Tune in, Wednesday, Feb. 20th at 10 PM EST on PBS.