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History Hacker to air September 26th on the History Channel

New York City, September 14, 2008 -- Internet celebrity and DIY guru Bre Pettis is teaming up with Emmy Award-winning JWM Productions to launch History Hacker. This exciting new program for History turns humankind’s greatest scientific achievements into off-the-wall, hands-on projects you won’t find in a high school textbook.

In the show’s pilot, he journeys back to the golden age of electricity, when a clash between two brilliant inventors – Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla – created the electrical world we live in today.
History Hacker introduces a brand-new style of storytelling to primetime. Filmed entirely in HD, its blend of hand-drawn animation, high-contrast cinematography, and reality-bending imagery looks like nothing else on television. “History Hacker” airs Friday, September 26th at 8PM EST on History™, with an encore presentation at 12AM EST.

About Bre Pettis
Bre Pettis produced and hosted the internet hit series “Weekend Projects” for Make: Magazine, and is one of the top authorities on DIY technology and recreational science. His website IMakeThings.com offers technology-centric podcasts, and garners upwards of 1 million downloads every week. He has presented short-form programs on everything from power-tool drag racing, to robots, to homemade electronic musical instruments. Bre is a frequent lecturer, and spent 7 years as a teacher in the Seattle Public School system.


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