JWM Productions is an unscripted television production company based just outside of Washington, DC. Specializing in cultural, natural history, science and children's programming, we have produced shows for networks such as Discovery, History, National Geographic Wild, and Smithsonian Channel.

JWM promotes an inclusive environment, and we welcome interns of every race, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation.

We offer three different internships, which can be tailored to suit each student’s interests and professional goals. These positions are unpaid, but interns are reimbursed for their travel expenses.

Production Internship: Production interns work closely with associate producers, producers and editors on a specific series. Interns help with a wide variety of tasks, ranging from assisting APs in coordinating field shoots to logging footage to working with the Production Coordinator on network deliverables. Our goal is to help production interns get entry-level positions by teaching them immediately useful skills and allowing them to connect directly with producers & editors in the DC area.

Development Internship: Development interns work closely with the Director and Manager of Development to come up with new concepts for series and shows. They help us look for potential talent, conduct research to flesh out write-ups, draft write-ups of their own, and put together their own ideas to pitch. Our goal is to help development interns hone their creative writing skills, boost their confidence when making presentations and gain a better understanding of the television industry in DC.

Production/Development Internship: While all interns have the opportunity to learn more about the other internship positions (i.e. production interns can participate in development meetings; development interns can assist with production tasks), Development/Production interns actively split their time between both positions. This split position is ideal for students looking for more breadth of experience, rather than deepening their skillset in a particular aspect of production.

If you are interested in a JWM Productions internship, please contact katie@jwmprods.com.


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