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Dr. Brady Barr's Yeck!

Dr. Brady Barr's yeck!

Flatulent termites, blood-sucking bats and the longest tapeworm ever found!!! Leeches! Slugs! Lice! Slime eels! Hagfish! Maggots! Dung beetles! You want to know more about owls that spit out projectiles of fur and bones and teeth? About vomit-eating flies? About the whopper scoop on hippo poop (they use their tails for muck spreaders)? About slobbery cows who suck back 500 pints of their own spit every day? About the absolutely grossest animal on the planet (it can fill a bucket with slime and eats its victims from the inside out)? Yeck! is a television first; finally, there's a natural history series that gives kids the kind of information that they can really use.