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The Tiger the most devastating predator on earth, a seemingly flawless combination of instincts and ability. Yet the tiger is much more than an omnipotent beast; it is believed to be the 'elemental power, the Spirit of India'.

And yet this same creature of hypnotic power and fascination is on the run. The tiger, the ultimate predator, is now the prey. Poaching to supply the Chinese medical trade, coupled with habitat destruction, has brought about the near extinction of the tiger. At the turn of the century there were 40,000 tigers in the wild, now there are perhaps 2500. The tiger is not on the edge of an abyss, it is in a free fall. And so we join actress and committed conservationist Sarita Choudhury as she prepares to set out on a journey into the heart of tiger country. It's an adventure that begins in New York but which will take her to some of the few places where the tiger survives as the undisputed monarch of India's natural world.