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Untold Secrets

Untold Secrets hosted by Adam Mastrelli

To this day, George Washington is the most famous man in American history. He’s the subject of dozens of books & documentaries, and his story is taught in countless classrooms across the country.

But historical investigator Adam Mastrelli knows there is far more to our first Founding Father than makes it into the history books, and he’s ready to travel the country to find a multitude of untold stories hidden in the places you’d least expect.

Take Dorchester Heights in Boston, Massachusetts. You’ve probably never heard of it, but this little neighborhood in Boston was where Washington pulled off one of his most unlikely victories against the Brits. In New York City, Adam gets a firsthand lesson in Washington’s top-secret spycraft techniques from espionage expert Mary Ryan, and in Philadelphia’s Mütter Museum, he uncovers Washington’s secret war against an enemy even more deadly than the British Redcoats: smallpox.

Adam’s quest isn’t limited to secrets about Washington the General; he also finds remarkable hidden gems about Washington’s political career as well. In Fredericksburg, VA, Adam explores Washington’s long association with Freemasonry ... and, in the same Masonic Lodge where Washington was first initiated, he discovers the Masonic Bible that Washington used when he was sworn into office. More shocking still, Adam learns that one of the key tools to Washington becoming president was the impeccable breeding of his foxhounds!

Then there’s the hidden truth of George Washington’s finances. In Williamsburg, VA, Adam learns George was land rich, but cash poor. Colonial coin expert Erik Goldstein tells him Washington - quite literally - had a hard time making change. So much of his wealth was tied up in his plantations, that making quarters meant cutting up a silver dollar with a chisel! (As Adan soon discovers: it isn’t easy!) Still, Washington had a knack for making ends meet and founded what was then the largest distillery in North America. Located at Mount Vernon, Washington’s whiskey is still being made to his original recipe today.

The further Adam digs, the more personal the secrets he uncovers. In Baltimore’s Museum of Dentistry, Adam gets a hands-on look at George Washington’s dentures, and learns how they affected everything from his serious expression in paintings to the duration of his second inaugural address. (And - no - they weren’t made of wood!) And here’s another myth exploded: colonial historian Betty Meyers tells Adam that Washington defied convention by not wearing a powdered white wig and, get this, his actual hair color was auburn, bordering on red! To really top it off, Adam learns the secret of Washington’s personal magnetism...especially with the ladies. Historian Katharine Pittman teaches Adam Washington’s signature dance move...and reveals the long rumored love affair that Martha Washington tried to conceal.

Amazingly, the most shocking secret of all concerns events that occurred after Washington’s death. At Washington’s crypt in Mount Vernon, Adam uncovers a remarkable story of intrigue, vengeance … and grave robbery.

But, for Adam, the real secret behind Washington’s iconic status isn’t what he did while in power; instead, it was his willingness to give up that power - when the time came.