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Wild Wild Quest

Brit Eaton is a wild west relic hunter and historical investigator who believes that there’s more history buried in a 100-year old barn than in a textbook … and he’s the first one to hop a fence, crawl through a collapsing wooden attic, and shimmy down a mineshaft to find out what it is.

Now, Brit’s on a quest for real American history — not the stuff that put you to sleep in highschool, but the stories that are as wild as the West he calls home. His only tools are a pickup truck, a knack for charming intel out of tight-lipped locals and a willingness to risk his neck exploring any place that might harbor a tangible piece of the past.

Hollywood and history books say that Butch Cassidy died in a firefight in Bolivia, but Brit Eaton’s not so sure. He's heard rumors his whole life that Butch came back to the US after his alleged death. Could the rumors be true? Brit’s determined to find out.